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A “Punny” Halloween

January 31, 2010

With Halloween only a week and a half away, the question arises, “What I’m I going to be this Halloween?” Over the next week, I will show you three easy costumes to make. All are based on a play on words. The first today is A BLACK EYE PEA.


Black sweater
Black pants
Black shoes
White button-down
White fabric paint
Piece of wood or cardboard to put between the shirt while painting
Black mascara
Red lipstick
Purple eye shadow
Paint brush
“P” stencil


1. After decide on the “P” to use, print out and enlarge to desired sized. Here two collegiate fonts were used. One for the front and one for the back of the sweater.

2. Cut out “P” making sure to still leave some parts connected to the inter space of the “P”.

3. Put the board in-between the body of the sweater and pull tightly. Trace the outline of the “P” with a pencil onto the sweater.

4. Remove stencil and paint the “P” onto the sweater. I might require two to three coats of paint. Make sure to let it dry between coats. Let dry until ready to use.

5. When ready to go out for Halloween, put on the white button down and sweater before applying your make-up.

6. When doing your make-up; use all three types of cosmetics to give a more realistic effect of a black eye.

7. You are READY. The Trick or Treat bag is shown how to make in an earlier blog post.

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