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Candles for Hanukkah

January 31, 2010

WRAPPED CANDLES are an excellent host/hostess gift to give for Hanukkah. Here I use a little glue to help keep the candles in place and to give a more uniform appearance.

9 candles; make sure all the same size
blue tissue paper
white ribbon
blue acrylic paint
circular packaging tag
dreidel stencil
paint brush
glue gun

1. On the tag, stamp the dreidel image using blue acrylic paint. Let dry.

2. Lay out candles in sets of three and in a couple places glue together. Just enough to have them stick. Then lay one on top of each other. Should be 3×3 candles both weight and height.

3. Wrap a rubber band around both ends to ensure they do not move.

4. Fold tissue paper to desired size. Make sure you fold enough so you can see both ends of the candles.

5. Wrap tissue around the candles and tape.

6. Take the ribbon and wrap around the candles. Before you tie the knot, string the tag around one end of the ribbon and then tie off to make a bow. Remove any rubber bands if used.

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