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Haunted Cemeteries

January 31, 2010

Halloween is fast approaching, and one creepy way to get into the spirit is by visiting a cemetery. There are some amazing cemeteries all over the country, whether you’re looking for spooky old gravestones, or the resting place of Hollywood legends. Here are three very different places that all have a grave appeal of their own.

If you are prepared for the ultimate frightening experience, you might want to visit the number one haunted house in the country. The St. Louis cemetery in New Orleans has more recordings of ghost sightings and paranormal activity than any other cemetery. You can also check out the haunted tomb of the Voodoo Queen Marie Laveau while you are there.

If Hollywood Horror is more your scene, the Pierce Brother’s Westwood Village Memorial Cemetery is the resting place for such icons as Marilyn Monroe, Truman Capote, Dean Martin and Eva Garbor. This memorial in Hollywood is tucked away behind a movie theatre, out of sight from the general public, and not easy to find; so make sure to look it up for specific directions before you head out.

Finally, if what you want is the subtle eeriness of a raven on a wrought iron gate, and the wind whispering “nevermore” through the trees, the Westminster Presbyterian Churchyard in Baltimore, Maryland is where you must visit. This haunted old church graveyard holds the remains of the great Edgar Allen Poe, and is ranked as the third haunted cemetery in the country.

Pack a lunch of poison apples and make sure to dress for the occasion. The stones of those who went before await you. Happy hunting.

By Amy Leigh Cutler

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