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Kitchen Renovation

January 31, 2010

Maybe one of your resolutions this year was to renovate a room or finally clean and organize the basement. January is a great month to do home repairs seeing the weather outside is less than desirable and that resolution is still fresh in your memory.

During the month of January, I decided to RENOVATE A SMALL KITCHEN. Through the course of the month, I will give you a start to finish off the kitchen renovation. Also there will be helpful hints, construction ideas and design tips to help you in your next home project. Many minor “projects” can be tackled by the average homeowner, but if it requires any electrical or plumbing you might want to consult a professional before embarking on a major overhaul.

Below are some before photos of my current kitchen. Granted it’s a rental. I first consulted my landlord to get the green light, and second I will try to stay within a budget from $100 to $200 to complete the entire renovation. Because I am renting, it would be pointless to spend anything more.

Some of the areas I will be concentrating on are:

1. Paint for ceiling, walls and cabinets
2. Flooring
3. Back splash
4. Storage and shelves
5. Lighting
6. New fixtures
7. Creating chalkboard wall

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