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Large Pine Cone Arrangement for the Holidays

January 31, 2010

These large pine cones make a dramatic arrangement for your doorway, mailbox or anywhere around the house this holiday season. A little white glitter added to the tips of the pine cones alludes to a wintry scene.


2 large pine cones
mod podge
thick ribbon
thin ribbon

1. Drill a hole in the pine cone’s stem.

2. Glue the tips of the pine cones and glitter the tips. Do this over newspaper or Kraft paper. The glitter that falls to the paper reuse. Continue until the entire pine cone’s tips are covered.

3. Let dry. I use an inverted hanger to hold the cone during the drying process.

4. Take the thin ribbon and tie together cones.

5. Make a bow with the wider ribbon and tie to either the base of each cone or at the top where you hand the decoration.

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  1. November 14, 2010 1:43 PM

    SO cute ~!!

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