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Milkmaid Costume and “GOT CANDY” Milk Pail

January 31, 2010

There will be no grazing for grass this Halloween; only CANDY! Mooove around the party or neighborhood collecting candy in this fun MILKMAID COSTUME and “GOT CANDY” MILK PAIL. It’s easy to create and requires little effort to execute.

French maid’s dress
milk pail
white fabric paint
black acrylic paint
white card stock paper
black headband
double stick tape
iron or steamer
pencil or pen
tracing paper
black permanent maker

1. Make sure dress is ironed or steamed before you begin

2. Using the white paint, create cow patterns on the dress. It will require several coats of paint, so make sure paint is dry before applying your next coat. Once dry, use the black marker to make any necessary touch-ups.

3. For the cow ears and horns, cut out ear and horn shapes on the card stock paper. Leave about 1 1/2 inches on the ends to allow you to wrap around the headband and tape. Paint black spots on the ears. You can do the horns also, if you like.

1. Print out “GOT CANDY” logo on a piece of paper. Impact font was used here.

2. Tape a piece of tracing paper to the section of the pail where you want to put the saying. Then tape printed logo sheet of paper over it. Trace out with a pencil or pen.

3. Remove both pieces of paper. Paint logo in black acrylic paint.


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