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Pomegranate and Bourbon Turkey

January 31, 2010

This was the first time I had ever brined a turkey. I was pleasantly surprised how well it turned out. Here is how to BRINE A TURKEY WITH POMEGRANATE JUICE AND BOURBON.

1 cup bourbon
1 cup sugar
1 cup kosher salt
2 quarts pomegranate juice
2 pomegranates, quartered
1 quart water

1. In a large pot or container that seals, thoroughly mix all the ingredients together.

2. Place turkey in liquid mixer such as a stock pot, breast first, making sure turkey is completely submerged. You might need to weigh it down with a plate or heavy object. Then cover the container or pot.

3. Place in refrigerator at least 12-16 hours before cooking or 1 hour per pound.

4. When ready to cook, take out, rinse under cold water and gently pat down with a paper towel to remove excess water. Add the pomegranates to the roasting pan. Now your turkey is ready for the oven.

Side Note:
If you do not have a large enough room in your refrigerator to store a turkey, you can use a cooler. Make sure to keep turkey cold. It requires you having to add ice packs or ice in bags.

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