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A Mirrored Fireplace – From the Inside

February 1, 2010

My fireplace was sealed shut, and I debated what to do with it. I narrowed it down to two possibilities; put a sculpture piece of art in it or MIRROR THE INSIDE OF THE FIREPLACE. I choose the second option. Although it was a little time consuming and took several hours, I think the end result was well worth it.
Exterior mounting tape
Metal T-square
Wax pencil
Scrub brush
Scouring powder
Dishwashing liquid
Glass cleaner
Dust pan
Rolling pin
Safety goggles

Optional Items
River rocks
Votive & candles
Glass divider

1. Thoroughly clean and remove all the soot from the inside of the fireplace’s wall. Using a scrub brush with a mixture of scouring clean, dishwashing liquid and water. Wipe down clean with a rag and let dry.

2. Pick a pattern you like to do with your mirrors. I choose an asymmetrical pattern using different size rectangles and squares.

3. Once you have decided on a pattern, now it’s time to to start cutting. Use a T-square, I firmly hold the ruler down and make my cut using the glass cutter. This cut should be a solid and fluid stroke. Strong enough to etch into the glass but not too strong that you accidentally break it. If you have never used a cutter before, you might want to try practicing several times. Also if you are unsure about cutting, directions are usually on the back of the cutter when you buy it.

4. With the glass now etched with your cut; now it is time to break. Put on your gloves and safety goggles. Place the glass (with the cut directly) over a rolling pin. Gentle press down on the elevated side until the glass snaps. You should get a clean, straight piece of glass. You might have to then cut that piece again to a smaller piece using the same techniques as before.

5. Place double stick mounting tape on the back of your cut pieces of mirror.

6. Starting at the base of each wall, work your way up using your desired pattern. Using the level to make sure each piece is straight before firmly attaching the mirror to the wall. Because I used river rocks at the base of the chimney, this enabled me to have some leeway on the straightness at the bottom which the rocks cover up.

7. Once you have finished laying the mirrors, clean with a glass cleaner, being very careful not to break.

8. Lastly, the options are endless to cover the bottom floor of the fireplace. I used 9 votive and candles surrounded by black river rocks. To hold the rock inside the fireplace, I had a small glass partition cut and wedge inside the fireplaces facade. You could but in candles that are decorated like wood or an art piece if you like. I like it when the candles are lite and the light bounces off the mirrors.

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