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A Quick Tip – Soaping Your Saw Blade

February 1, 2010

I know it’s a rarity to use a hand saw, with electric and power saws everywhere today, but this is a trick I learned at a young age while camping. If you are having difficulty cutting that log because the blade is old or rusty, then take A BAR OF SOAP TO THE SAW’S BLADE. Using a hard piece of bar soap, run it down the length of the blade on both sides. Make sure to coat the blade and all the teeth. You might have to repeat, but it should make the job a lot easier. Timber!

Soap can also be used to run along a window frame that is hard to open as well. It lubricates just as with the saw blade. Have you ever picked up a sewing needle to use and found that it was not going into the cloth well; then lubricate it by running the needle close to your scalp among your hair follicles. Be careful when you do this. It is a great way to lubricate the needle!

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