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Before you Start to Paint that Wall

February 1, 2010

Now you have picked the perfect color of paint to go on the wall in your bedroom or the side of your house, but what else will you need to ensure you get the job done correctly? Here’s A LIST OF ITEMS YOU WILL NEED BESIDES PAINT WHEN PAINTING .

Painting tape – this is used to prevent your brush or roller from getting on window frames, the molding, floor or ground. Typically you should paint window frames and molding in a different type of paint, usually semi-gloss.

Drop cloth – used to put down on the floor or ground where you are painting. These can come in either plastic or cloth. If cloth; make sure the paint will not seep through.

Spackle – used to fill in any holes in the wall. I personally use a brand called DAP.

Putty or Spackle knife – used to apply the spackle to the wall.

Sandpaper – for sanding down any excess spackle patches or rough edges. Usually a fine grade of paper is best.

Brush – make sure the bristles are of a good quality and will not come off during your painting. I brush my hands through the bristles several times to check and see the quality first.

Rollers – to apply the paint. The nape depends on what the surface of your wall is, such as smooth or possibly rough on harder to cover surfaces. The new thinner roller brushes are also good and cause less splattering of the paint. You will use less paint with the smaller rollers.

Paint tray and plastic re-fillers – used to hold the paint for roller application.

Extension rod for rollers – to reach high places.

Rags – to wipe up any unnecessary paint. I like to have them damp too.

Plastic or paper cups – these are going to help you be more mobile when you are on a ladder or for quick touch ups. I like using plastic soda cups from convenience stores.

Screwdriver – to remove electrical plates. Depending on the outlet could be either a phillips or straight head; usually the outlets take a straight head screwdriver.

Paint opener – to open the can of paint. I have been known to use a flat- headed screwdriver and also my keys. Yes, go figure!

Turpentine – to remove any dried paint.

Steady ladder, chair, or stool – helps enable you to reach high places. A step ladder with a built in paint tray is great.

Razor blades – to remove paint from window panes.

Music– a radio or music device to listen to while I paint away. It’s not really necessary, but it makes the time fly by.

In the coming weeks I will explain different types of paint, so keep an eye out for it.

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