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An Organized Kitchen

April 25, 2010

Keeping your kitchen organized can save you space and make getting to items a whole lot easier.  Here are several helpful tips to optimize your kitchen cabinet and drawers.  If you implement and maintain ou will be amazed how cooking will be more enjoyable.

1.  Layout – Think about placement of items in cabinets and drawers before going forward.  Put less used items higher on shelves and more reddley, everyday items closer.  The same goes for drawers.  Everyday cutlery should be in the top drawers with items of less importance in lower drawers.

2.  Lining – Use a rubberized shelf/drawer lining to help protect glassware, dishes and ceramic cookware.

3.  Stack – Stack cereal bowls, plates and mixing bowls can help save space for those in need.

4.  Minimize – Basic cooking pots and pans are all you really need if limited on space.   I only have the following and feel it’s about all one might need: 12 inch skillet, 4-quart sauce pan, 8-quart stockpot, dutch oven, cookie sheet, muffin pan, 9″ round cake pan and 9″ x 13″ roasting pan.

5.  Dividers – Drawer dividers are great to separate cutlery and other kitchen utensils and items like plastic or parchment paper.

6.  Containers – Containers can be great for storing dry cooking goods or pasta.  They can all be used to store cooking utensils.  I’m limited on drawer space, so I have a container that holds my ladle, poultry scissors, perforated spoon, zester, wooden spoon, tongs, thermometer, spatula, pasta fork and slotted spoon.

7.  Pot Rack – Many have a rack to hang pots seeing they require a lot of room.  The are great, but remember you pots will be in view so put out-of-the-way and keep clean.

8.  Maintain –  Now you have seen to organizing your kitchen, make sure to maintain.   Soon, you will automatically know where everything.  Now let’s cook!

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