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Pool Safety Tips

June 14, 2010

Summer is around the corner and that means millions will soon be taking to the beaches.  For others this means swimming in backyard or community pools.  Here are several pool safety tips you and your children should know.

1.  Know How to Swim – This is the most important safety tip and just common sense.  One should never stray into areas above their heads if unable to swim.  Most communities have places which teach swimming lessons like the YMCA, local gym or community centers.  The earlier you learn the better.  My parents had me starting by the age of three.  If you do risk being in the pool and don’t know how to swim, make sure to have some sort of flotation device. But, better yet, learn to swim!  With children, flotation devices are a false sense of security.

2.  Horse Play –  Children and even adults love to horse around at times while in the pool, so be alert to overtly stupid playing.

3.  CPR – Someone should know CPR where you swim.  Most community pools provide a lifeguard who is trained in this.

4.  Diving Boards and Slide –  Be careful when doing either one.  Most community pools do not have boards and slides because of liability.

5.  Buddy System –  One should always swim when someone else is present, especially when children are in the pool

6.  Sun Block- Being outside or in the water for any length of time can be damaging to your skin.  Use a sunscreen with a high SPF and water-resistant.

7.  Drinking – Adults have to be responsible, especially when children are present.   You’re a role model and not as alert if   there is an accident.

Have fun because swimming is a  great leisure activity and a healthy at the same time.  Just keep some of these safety tips in mind and share them with your children to insure their safety also.

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