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Colorful Luggage Tag

July 18, 2010

Your taking a trip and decide to check your luggage.  It’s now time to retrieve your luggage from the carousal but all the bags like similar in size and color.   Avoid the guess-work with this COLORED LUGGAGE TAG made of plexiglass.


colored plexiglass 1/8″ thick  by 4″ x 4″
leather cord, 1 foot
jigsaw with fine tooth blade
drill and 1/8″ thick bit
pen or pencil
masking tape
fine grade sandpaper
permanent marker

1.  If plexiglass does not have protective adhesive  paper coating, then using masking tape, tape over entire piece of plexiglass.  Draw out a design.  You can do an inital or shape.  Here a tag-shape was used.  I drew a line down the middle and two diagonals about 1/2″ down on each side.
TIP – With curved lines it’s a lot harder to cut with saw.

2.  Place plexiglass on the edge of a workspace counter and clap down.  With jigsaw, cut along the lines of the design.  If using the tag design, cut down the middle and both diagonals.

3.  At the end with the diagonals, drill a hole in the middle about 1/2″ down from the edge.

4. Remove tape or adhesive backing and lightly sand edges if needed.

5.  If you like, use a marker and add your name, telephone or address.  Attach to luggage with leather cord

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  1. Melissa permalink
    August 10, 2010 1:42 PM

    This would be a great little gift in a gift bag or stocking stuffer…..

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