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Two Minutes to Make A Stylish Belt

August 1, 2010

Men and women, listen up!  Add a stylish belt to your wardrobe in under two minutes.  The materials you can find at the local fabric store or on the internet.

1 to 2 yards webbing,  purchased at Pacific Trim, Manhattan
military-style buckle and clamp (should have teeth to grip) , purchased at C & C Button, Inc., Manhattan
rubber mallet

1.  Figure out your waist size and cut an extra three to four inches, so when buckled it will have a little extra to tuck into your first belt loop.

2.  Cut one end of the webbing straight across and attach the clamp.  Use the mallet and gentle hammer down so teeth hold onto webbing.

3.  Attach the other end into the buckle.

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  1. Sergio permalink
    August 1, 2010 1:33 PM

    What a great Idea for summer fashion!

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