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Cafe 2 at MOMA

August 8, 2010

From the restaurants, Table 1280, in the High Museum in Atlanta to the newly opened, Robert, on the top floor of the Museum of Art and Design in  New York, more and more museums have recognized the benefits of integrating a fine dining restaurant into their space.  This is the case in point with the MOMA when it invited celebrated chef, Danny  Meyer to open up not one but three eateries in their space.  The Modern, situated on the bottom floor and overlooking the sculpture garden offers a first-rate dining experience.   For a fraction of the cost of The Modern, one can dine at Cafe 2 located on the second floor of the museum.  Meyer’s has hit the mark with Cafe 2 offering a menu heavily devoted to Italian cuisine.  The meals / dishes are fresh, reasonably priced (most under $15) and only take minutes before arriving at your table, like a Fennel, Arugula and Orange Salad or a Herb Roasted Chicken Panini.

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