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Reseed Your Lawn

August 8, 2010

Do you want to have a great lawn come next year?  Mid-August is when you need to start thinking about it.  When reseeding your lawn, mid-August to around mid-September is the optimal time to reseed, especially if you have a cool weather grass. The ground is soft, seeds have already started a good foundation for over the winter and into the spring.  Here are several tips to take when going about reseeding a lawn.

1. Determine what type of seed is right for your lawn. There are many varieties for a shady or sunny yard.  The zone you live in is also important as to the type of grass best for your area.

2. If you have any debris (leaves, dead grass) you need to rake them up to make sure seeds can easily take root.

3. Aerate the soil.  This means penetrating the soil with either a hard rake or aerator, which can be rented at most hardware or gardening stores.  In doing this, it allows the seeds better access to the soil and better absorption of water.

4. When reseeding, you can use a rotary spreader.  Make sure to follow the recommended application on the bag of seed.  It is also important to improve the soil by adding lime and fertilizer.  Starter fertilizer and lime can be applied at the same time as seed.  I recommend slow release pelletized lime instead of the powdered version.

5. If you are reseeding over a bare spot on your lawn, use wheat straw on top of seed to keep from washing away when watered.

6. Water regularly.  It’s important for the seeds to germinate and that requires moisture for the first two weeks.

7. Summer grasses such as Bermuda are dormant during the winter and require care during the early spring.  Bermuda is used on lawns in full sun, usually in warmer zones of the country.

8.With the shortage of available water and water bands in larger cities, it may be better to enlarge your pine islands and reduce the use of grass with other alternatives.  Have a plan in mind before you start.

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