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Peppermint Candy Tree

November 25, 2010

This tree starts out as a decoration, but be ready for it to slowly disappear as m0re and more family and friends stop by to have a peppermint treat.

styrofoam cone (12″ used here)
wrapped peppermints (used large bag purchased at Staples)
push pins
small dowel (14″ used)
potting clay
small terra-cotta pot (6″ used)
red spray paint (can use glossy or matte)
red ribbon (1″ thick)
newspapers or drop cloth

DIRECTIONSphoto image below
1.  In a well ventilated area, spray paint the pot on some newspaper or drop cloth.  Let dry.

2.  Place potting clay inside the pot.  Using a dowel, stick into the clay until it hits the bottom and then skewer the styrofoam cone through the middle.

3.  Starting along  the entire bottom of the cone,  use the pins to stick the peppermints around cone.  Continue moving up the cone, one circle around at a time until you reach the top.

4.  At the top, cut ribbon into two strips and top with a bow.  Secure using another pin.


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