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Woodland Animal Silhouette Art

December 19, 2010

With a lot more people going back to natural elements today from farm-fresh cooking to rustic home decor, these WOODLAND ANIMAL SILHOUETTE ART pieces will be a welcome addition to your living area.

faux wood paper (can be purchased at craft store, here Paper Presentation)
brown paper
animal image
exacto knife
double stick tape
single sided tape
12″ x 12″ foam board (can be purchased at art or craft store)

1.  Cut out faux wood paper the exact size of the frame being used.

2. Decide on animal image.  Enlarge or copy to desired size to fit the frame you intend to use.  Below is a template for a deer.

3. Cut out template and tape down the reverse you plan on the image to be seen. TIP – Usually the under side of the paper will have a clean-cut when using the exacto knife.

4.  When cut out, turn over. This will be how the image is seen when framed.

5.  Cut out small piece of the foam board; enough for the entire image.  Should be around 8-12 needed.   Using double stick tape, tape foam board cut-outs throughout the entire back side of the animal image.    Then add double stick table again to the other side of the foam board so you can stick to the faux wood paper.

6.  Once image is adhered, place in frames.

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  1. zoey permalink
    January 13, 2011 6:46 PM

    Love these!

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