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Sweetwater Coffeehouse

January 16, 2011

Sweetwater Coffeehouse
by Amy Leigh Cutler

In Sautee, Georgia, nestled next to the Nacoochie Restaurant, is a small white coffeehouse.  A sign out front reads, “open ’til we’re closed”, and there is a wooden porch leading up to the door.

Sweetwater Coffeehouse is a gem of a place and the real beauty is right inside.  Glass jars of loose tea and bags of fair trade coffee line the shelves.  Photographs of friends and family surround the shelves and there are plenty of local products like honey and soap for sale.

A farmer came in with a bag of micro-greens to sell, and Carolyn Hayes, the owner, asked about his family and business while they settled up.  She seemed to know almost everyone in the cafe, and I couldn’t help but think I’d like to know her too.  She was kind and accommodating and served up a mean Sweetwater Chai (a shot of espresso, chai, and steamed milk).

The kitchen and coffee bar took up half of the house, and the other half was set up with a handful of old wooden tables each with four chairs and a lamp.  There was also a bookshelf in the back and large windows for light.

As a writer, I am always looking for the perfect place to write.  Sweetwater Coffeehouse had just the right ambiance I was looking for.  Local fair trade goods, tables the perfect size for writing, an inviting atmosphere to inspire me, and finally, great coffee.

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  1. January 29, 2011 3:14 PM

    Living in northeast Georgia I have the opportunity to travel to and through the mountains, so I thank you for this post about the Sweetwater Coffeehouse.

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