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Vellum Art Pieces

January 16, 2011

Sometimes the most decorative and personal art pieces can be created and executed by you.  I have also liked the feel of the  material, vellum.  Vellum, once more commonly produced from calfskin, is now today usually produced from cotton and can have a waxy feel to the surface.    This paper medium is mostly used for blueprints and technical drawings, but it can other “artistic” usages as the art piece below.

2 sheets of vellum, or can get a larger piece and cut in half
black liquid ink or black marker

1.  Take an image and void color in Photoshop to just a black and white.  Enlarge to desired size.

2.  On of the pieces of vellum, trace out the positive space (white) and then using the marker, color in.

3.  On the other piece of vellum, trace again the positive space (white) and the color in the outside. You might want to place both images in a box or confined space.

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  1. January 22, 2011 9:50 PM

    Very cool! Love the medium 🙂

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