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Home Remedies to Remove Common Stains

January 30, 2011

Do you have grass stains on your shoes and clothing from mowing the lawn or playing football?  Having a party and a guest spills wine on his shirt?  Here are some  HOME REMEDIES TO REMOVE EVERYDAY STAINS.  Before you begin, remember the quicker you attempt to remove the stain the more likely you will succeed and it’s always better to blot, not rub out the stain.  Now let’s remove some stains!!

• Use a tablespoon of plain vinegar with a cup of water.  Let set for several minutes on clothing before blotting. Then put in the washing machine.
•Use a tablespoon of rubbing alcohol with a half-cup of water.  Let set for several minutes before blotting. Then machine wash.
•For deeper stains, you can use molasses or Karo syrup.  Rub into stain and let set for several minutes and then machine wash.

Red Wine
•White wine or vodka acts as a neutralizing agent.  Blot and then use a little liquid detergent and water and then blot again.
•Club soda
•Hydrogen peroxide, water and a little liquid soap

•Hairspray – First soak in cold water and gently blot out. Then place fabric between absorbent tissues and add direct pressure (books or weights) for several minutes.  Remove and use hairspray, repeating previous step.  Repeat again if needed

• Rubbing alcohol helps in the removal and then machine wash

•Hydrogen peroxide can help in both new and dried blood stains.  Apply to area and let set for several minutes and then blot.
Rubbing alcohol – Gently blot into the area and repeat if needed

• Aspirin – Crush several aspirin.  Add to a cup of hot water and let dissolve.  Pour over garment and rinse.  Normal wash

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  1. Craig permalink
    February 1, 2011 1:48 PM

    This is a very helpful article. Bleach is normally very harsh and damages your delicates. Thanks for the alternatives.

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